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We're waiting for you in Land of Surprises for the flower order... The flower order in Surprise Land is much more fun, much more surprising, much more meaningful ... To say I love you, to apologize, to celebrate birthday, to celebrate anniversary or to reach out to your loved ones without any reason with messages written on the real rose leaves :)



Flying Balloons

Printed Rose

250 TL

Explanation: Delivery of surprise box to the address you specify,10 flying balloons in the shape of a heart in the surprise box that says I love you, and delivery of the special box with a rose, which has a special message on its leaf, pressed on the cover of the box.

Flying Balloons

Printed Rose

Heart Box


450 TL

Explanation: Delivery of surprise box to the address you specify, 10 flying balloons in the shape of a heart in the surprise box that says I love you and special box with a rose, which has a special message on its leaf, pressed on the cover of the box and the emergence of heart boxes after balloons fly, each heart box with special small messages and from the inner box your favorite 925 grade silver necklace to be delivered to your loved one.

Order Flowers!

Spoil your love with message roses, talking flowers and surprise packages.

How do you communicate the messages you want to tell your loved ones in the most special, romantic way? The first thing that comes to your mind is a bouquet of flowers, right? You also add a card on the flower and write your feelings on that card. What if your feelings or messages were written on rose petals? For example, what if each of the roses in an 11-Pack has “I love you” written in different languages... Land of surprises is making these dreams come true!

Make your loved ones happy with the talking flowers!

Why do we send flowers to our loved ones? Sometimes to say "I love you", sometimes to say "get better soon!", sometimes to congratulate on a new job, sometimes to apologize, sometimes to celebrate the birth of a baby with flowers. Or we send flowers to our loved ones to make special occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday even more special. The flowers you send from the Land of Surprises will deliver all these messages you want to give to your loved ones on rose petals! How?

Special printing technique on rose petals.

We print the message you want to send with a special printing technique. Delicate rose petals are definitely not damaged when writing messages. With this sophisticated gift, the most delicate feelings in your heart are reflected in the delicate rose leaves.

Not only for a gift, but also for the memory of the special days.

You can use these customized special printed roses not just as a gift to your loved ones, but also for many different purposes. For example, you can choose printed roses to present to your guests at your wedding, on your wedding anniversary, or to make a special occasion even more special for you. Just set your imagination free and make meaningful moments of your life even more meaningful with message roses!

The surprise is not only in message roses, but also in the delivery of message roses! Land of Surprises offers you the most exclusive, romantic way of delivering your message roses to your loved ones. We are knocking on the door of the address you specified. We say "You have a package!" to your beloved. When your beloved opens the cover of the box, the printed balloons come out of the box with the message you choose, such as "I love you", "Happy birthday" or "Forgive me". As the balloons rise up, we deliver a bouquet of roses to your loved one with the messages you want to be printed on them.

You can also send a special gift if you wish not just flowers from Land of Surprises.

If you are one of those who do not have a limit to pamper your loved ones, you are at the right place! We also considered those who say "I also want to send a beautiful necklace or earrings, talking flowers are not enough". Whether you choose the most romantic jewelry on our website, or bring your own jewelry you bought and request from us to add it to the package. The choice is yours. We place this gift in red heart box within heart boxes, and we can add romantic expressions you want on each box.

If you want to get more detailed information to pamper your loved ones with talking roses and surprise gifts, you can contact us at our contact addresses. Order Flowers!


For further information on Order Flowers, please contact us at +905323239473 and +905323239473 . Or fill in the form below and leave a message to us:

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