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If you have found the “person” you want to share your life with, you are ready to take the most important step towards becoming a family, that is, to make a marriage proposal. Just like a wedding, a marriage proposal is expected to be made in line with a certain concept; special, impressive, surprising and unforgettable. As a serious step, you might not have found a well thought through marriage proposal concept that is surprising enough yet elaborate as well. In this case, do not worry! Because the Land of Surprises with its many years of experience is making your happiest day immortal by designing the perfect marriage proposal that reflects your love in both visual and emotional terms with all the details.

The Land of Surprises is eager to be your greatest help in this thrilling process with its affectionate team of professionals who are both in love with their job and have endless respect for love. Our surprise marriage proposal packages, inspired by your ideas, your thoughts, your dreams and your love, set the stage for an unforgettable start on this happy path to marriage. The concept of a marriage proposal that is so creative to amaze her, so thought throughout to cause tears of happiness, and so romantic that she would want to answer impatiently is realized by our experienced team with all the subtleties. Based on your love story Land of Surprises literally rewrites your life story with personalized marriage proposals.

The Land of Surprises, which has witnessed the happiest moment of countless couples since the day the concept marriage proposal ideas were introduced, has always raised the bar higher with unconventional marriage proposal ideas. The marriage proposal packages, that suit every taste and wish, reflect the world's most unique sense of love in its purest form, combined with the space and decoration suitable for the concept. From the romantic balloons to the red rose petals symbolizing love, from the elegant tulle flying in harmony in the wind to the elegant dining table, the finest details from camera shots to red carpets are considered by our team While you enjoy the moment, our musicians raise the level of romance with the music that best reflects your feelings. In addition, if you wish, your marriage proposal, which symbolizes love, unity, and harmony is photographed and recorded from the beginning to the end. This makes it possible for you and your friends and your children in the future to witness your emotional moments.

The surprise you will prepare for the person you want to combine your life is very important both to meet your wishes and to win her appreciation. While directing the question she wants to hear the most, in an environment which she dreams of, accompanied by her favorite flowers and music, you need to make her feel the atmosphere that reflects all your sincerity. The Land of Surprises team takes every opportunity to create that ambiance which will impress you and your prospective spouse. The moment you wait with excitement of your dreams, our team, which creates a perfect background, will make you feel like you two are the only ones in the world. You can take the first step by creating a list of requests and expectations of both sides, creating a sketchy moment of proposal in your mind, helping Surprise Land to transform your dreams into reality.

So how, where and in what way do you want to surprise the person you love?

With a sudden marriage proposal when watching a movie at the cinema? Is it on the beach, at a romantic sunset? Or during a fancy yacht trip in the Bosphorus? Maybe a little adrenaline can make this amazing surprise even more memorable. With a helicopter tour or a ring concept that drone brings unexpectedly, you can thrill the love of your life tremendously. A hotel room where fresh rose petals meet the atmosphere or a splendid majestic palace may witness the perfect moment where your love meets the word Yes. If your intention is to make a mysterious proposal to combine the pieces, you can propose a marriage with a puzzle game that speeds up heart beats or you can propose a marriage at an unexpected moment when you're out for a walking.

You can make a surprise marriage proposal of your dreams when you are alone or you can turn it into a cheerful organization that your loved ones can join. By agreeing with your family and friends, you can partner them with this surprise that you will prepare for the love of your life to put the word "Love grows as you share" into practice. Even by taking advantage of the benefits of preparing a multiple organization, it is possible to give the marriage proposal surprise a common celebration image and create a lot more astonishment. To accomplish all this, you just need to choose from our marriage proposal packages of different concepts, anything that meets the expectations of your dreams, or create a completely unique proposal concept of yours!

Leaving the space and concept choice completely to you, the Land of Surprises is putting emphasis on unconventionality by avoiding stereotyped marriage proposals, with the idea of marriage proposal ideas it creates exclusively for you. Our team makes you feel special and privileged both during and after the marriage proposal design. It creates an organization that matches the characteristics of your love by blending the marriage proposal, which is an amazing event in itself, with a complementary concept and your own ideas. You can experience the excitement of making a timeless marriage proposal with Land of Surprises on the beach, on a yacht, in a hotel room, at the Çırağan Palace, at the Maiden's Tower, in the cinema, on the helicopter, or at any place you dream of accompanied by fireworks, music, applause and roses. On the other hand, you can propose marriage accompanied with the acting of our professional team and hidden cameras by taking advantage of our marriage proposal packages that will stun your loved one understanding nothing until the very last moment. You can also create your own unique concept by removing or adding any item to the marriage proposal packages as you wish.

Land of Surprises, which offers you different options with the packages of marriage proposals in many different contexts, determines the options that best suit your wishes and desires as a result of the interviews with you. Our design team, conscious of the fact that each person has different expectations, meets the expectations with simple as well as flashy marriage proposal ideas. The Land of Surprises, which takes into consideration the adverse weather conditions and always offers constructive solutions for your marriage proposals in open spaces, always gives priority to customer satisfaction.

In addition to marriage proposals, you can also review interesting surprise ideas and surprise your loved ones with Land of Surprises, where you can get support for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. For example, while you are on yacht trip with your partner on your anniversary, you can reflect your feelings to the sky with laser, present your gift to your mother with a drone, or give a unique birthday party for your friend or your lover thanks to our beach organization!

Land of Surprises which celebrates love and affection for many years, with a team working with love, sharing your special moments to make your loved ones happy in a way they can't forget. While our video and photo gallery page, where you can find a part of the organizations we performed, reflects the importance we attach to our work, it also gives you an idea of our surprise marriage proposal packages and other services. You can choose us for your happiest and most exciting moments, leaving the rest to the concept team of the land of surprises, and enjoy waiting excitedly for the day you enthusiastically looking forward to without stress!

We would like to introduce our experiences in the field of surprise marriage proposal organization to you in the Land of Surprises. You can follow on our website how different marriage proposal ideas evolve from ideas to surprise marriage proposal organizations in a professional way.Our video Gallery section featuring different and original marriage proposal organization videos is the most important address in which you can see our difference in turning ideas and dreams into reality.

Land of Surprises is the only venue in which your ideas, your thoughts, your dreams are given a high priority, and with a professional approach, you can make the marriage proposal organization of your dreams in a spectacular way. The Most Surprising Marriage Proposal Organizations on a Yacht, with Laser Light, at the Maiden's Tower, on a Helicopter, on the Beach, in the Cinema are presented to you in packages with Economical Prices.

A magnificent organization based on your life story that takes you from the real world to a fairy-tale journey into the realm of surprises with fully personalized surprises...

A fascinating marriage proposal story that you will even tell your grandchildren about, accompanied by the unique beauty of the Bosphorus with different concepts and magnificent yachts.
To make your life's most beautiful moment alive, a professional team that will make you feel totally special, with its candles, rose petals, violinist specially designed for the moment and you ...

Our customer representatives who have adopted 100% customer satisfaction from the first time you communicated with us...

Professional field team that you can rely on from the beginning to the end of the organization, that cares for the organization like their own organization…

Land of Surprises is the indispensable address of surprise organizations…


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