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Maiden's Tower Marriage Proposal Packages

Maiden's Tower Marriage Proposal Packages

Is your dream a marriage proposal at the Maiden's Tower? Experience the most special moments of your life in the Maiden's Tower, in the middle of the two continents, the blue-eyed girl's dimples, the subject of many legends, with the difference of Land of Surprises In the middle of the Bosphorus, surrounded by the magnificent silhouette of Istanbul, we have made all our preparations to write your name in the history of the Maiden's Tower which is the dearest of Byzantines and Ottomans. We can write your message on the ancient waters of the Strait with our private yacht or add your private exclusive moments to the history of the Maiden's Tower if you desire. The pleasure of eating in the middle of the Bosphorus is only in Istanbul's signature Maiden's Tower... Yes, the Maiden's Tower is Istanbul's signature. It's the most romantic place for marriage proposals, birthdays. At the intersection of the two continents, you can have a special dinner at the restaurant of Maiden's Tower, which has a unique location on earth and has a mysterious 2500-year-old history. Afterwards we will take you on a trip in the Land of Surprises for your marriage proposal or birthday organization with one of our VIP yachts. You will be overjoyed while enjoying the menus of selected tastes of the world cuisine, accompanied by classical nostalgic live music suited to its mystic ambience. If you like, you can reserve the Tower Bar and have a very special dinner with your love  accompanied by a romantic decoration and meet your surprises ... Let's meet in the Land of Surprises to prepare the most beautiful Maiden's Tower marriage proposal organizations and your best memories with our special prices.

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