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Marriage Proposal on a Romantic Yacht Tour / 2-Hour VIP Package with Dinner

Marriage Proposal on a Romantic Yacht Tour / 2-Hour VIP Package with Dinner

Package Description: Romantic tour without laser light; We added a rich dinner menu to this 2-hour package, of course accompanied by romantic decorations, added a little bit of the splendor of the Bosphorus, blended it with violin tunes, and of course, we did not forget the professional people who will make these moments immortal for you. And again in the land of surprises, surprise within surprise... The rest is up to you

- 2-hour Bosphorus tour (with 20-meter spectacular yachts)
- Your table is decorated with stylish accessories and candles in the color you want
- Special dinnerware set for you and VIP service with our exclusive Hostesses
- Dressing table and chair with special cover and organza tulles
- Ornamentation of the yacht with organza tulles, candles and lanterns
- 2-person dinner (Consists of starter, entree starter, main course meat, fish or chicken, salad and dessert)
- Unlimited alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages
- Female violinist
- Flying balloons coming out of the surprise box and realization of the surprise moment with nested heart boxes
- Explosion of 3 volcanoes with remote control at the moment of surprise
- 1 bouquet of roses after the surprise
- At least 150 shots taken by the professional photographer from the moment you get on the yacht
- Video recording of every moment from the moment you get on the yacht, by a professional cameraman and delivery as a special montage clip

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