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Marriage Proposal On The Beach Eco Package

Marriage Proposal On The Beach Eco Package

             Our story is taking place in shores of Kilyos. Kilyos is a lovely coastal town in the north of Istanbul, bordering the Black Sea. It can be reached by bus from Taksim and by minibus from Sarıyer. We reserve the calmest corner of the beach for you. In this romantic scene, there are only lead actors, you two and the extras.

            Before the lead actors arrive, we, as set employees of the "wedding proposal on the beach" scenario, are making all preparations in advance. We prepare a meticulously decorated gazebo for you and a romantic table inside the gazebo. We don't neglect to lay a red carpet on the road to this table. We decorate the red carpet with wild flowers, light your passages with lanterns and torches. At the end of the road we draw a huge, glittering heart with lanterns and candles and we write the initials of your names again with candles and lanterns. Around your romantic table writes in giant metal letters "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" or "SO GLAD I HAVE YOU". We prepare your own pre-selected music, a special waitress who will serve you throughout the evening, red heart-shaped nested boxes, a balloon that will rise up into the air after the proposal, and a bouquet of roses that you will give to him. Of course, our amateur photographer who will photograph this unforgettable night waits for you. Everything is ready, so let's look at this scenario from the perspective of your prospective partner:

             The lucky person you propose marriage on the beach will come to the beach with you without knowing what s/he's going to experience and how s/he will be surprised. As she walks on the red carpet, she will start to get excited in the ambiance of candles and lanterns. Ahead, she will see a heart with light and come across a romantic gazebo decorated with “I love you”. When the special waiter pulls her chair, she will sit at the glittering table with amazement. Of course, you will accompany her too. When your favorite song is played, dinner will be served with unlimited soft drinks. After the meal you will hold her and bring her to the center of the glittering heart. She will encounter the balloons when he opens the huge red box brought by the extras. As this exciting scene ends with your marriage proposal, you will present a bouquet of roses that we have already prepared and you will begin to dance in your favorite romantic music. Of course, our amateur photographer will immortalize this moment in the frames taken...

- The sea, the beach, the stars and you in Kilyos; we reserve the beach for you.

-A gazebo on the shore of the sea, a romantic table specially decorated for you, where you can dine with your beloved.

- A red carpet decorated with wild flowers; around it lanterns, torches ...

- A fabulous ambiance adorned with candles, a magnificent atmosphere.

- Writing in giant metal letters just next to your table "I Love You So Much" or "So Glad I Have You".

- A dinner for 2 people with your partner. -Unlimited soft drinks.

- A waiter special for you for the night.

- Exclusive music selection and the possibility of listening to the music you want.

- Surprise boxes after the main meal, flying balloons and red heart-shaped nested boxes and realization of the marriage proposal.

- 1 bouquet of roses.

- Amateur photo shoot

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