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Orchestra in Pursuit Marriage Proposal Package

Orchestra in Pursuit Marriage Proposal Package

Package Description: In this surprise marriage proposal organization, an amazing marriage proposal is realized by an orchestra involving in the event gradually at a time when you never expect . Involvement of an orchestra in surprises that come unexpectedly. An exciting, highly romantic, highly impressive marriage proposal package ... It's a package that makes a difference not only for the marriage proposal, but also for your birthday or anniversary surprises.

- At the exit of a cafe or restaurant or while you are walking on the coast with your loved one, suddenly, a guitarist tails after, he follows you by playing a song that is important to you  on his guitar...
- After a little walk, the violinist sitting on the next bench starts following you, you keep moving under the confused gaze of your loved one,
- The musician who sits on the next bench is included in the team and with an orchestra following you, you keep walking under the baffled gaze of people.
- You come across our giant heart mascot a little further ahead
- Excitement continues with the opening of the I Love You So Much banner
- When our heart mascot step aside, the red carpet, the lanterns and the surprise box appear behind it
- When the box is opened, heart shaped balloons fly out of it -When the innermost box is opened by reading the notes in the nested heart-shaped boxes, a marriage proposal surprise emerges
- Two volcanoes are exploded by remote control - At least 100 photos are taken by a professional photographer
- Professional large scale hidden camera shooting and montage

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