Surprise Marriage Proposal on the Beach

The fairy tale began while Ms. Ezgi was sitting at a cafe. A bouquet of roses was taken to the Ms. Ezgi who was unaware of everything in the cafe. The Rose was of course from Mr. Tahsin. It was written that he loved her very much and that there was a surprise waiting outside for her. When she came out, our VIP vehicle, decorated with balloons and rose petals, picked up Ms. Ezgi and took her to the Hairdresser's Salon in Ulus. A white dress was presented to Ms. Ezgi with a note saying 'Are you ready to be an angel? as they were just finished in the salon. When Ms. Ezgi, who was prepared like a princess, came to the beach area in a VIP vehicle, Mr. Tahsin declared his love for her accompanied by violin and proposed to her on the beach as expected. Then the surprises continued with the yacht tour in the Bosphorus. We wish our couple a lifetime of happiness.

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