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Surprise Wedding Proposal On The Beach Winter Concept Economical Package

Surprise Wedding Proposal On The Beach Winter Concept Economical Package

One day, a client shared his dream,he said his girlfriend loved the sea, the beach,the stars that shine at night on the beach and he wanted to organize a wedding proposal on the beach, but he said he couldn't wait for the summer months for that. There was no marriage proposal on the beach while snowing in the winter between in our packages, but we were more than thrilled to make another couple's dream come true. We tried to make this dream come true as much as we can. Romantic hours together around the beach fire despite the cold weather, the surprise marriage proposal that comes accompanied by glitters and tears of happiness. You don't have to wait for the summer for a marriage proposal on the beach :) there's a crazy team here for crazy couples, just imagine...

Package Contents:

- The sea, the beach, the stars and you in Kilyos; we reserve the beach for you.

- A glittering pathway from torches, lanterns and wildflowers on the shore of the sea

- A huge heart from the lanterns, candles and torches that enclose you and the beach fire

- Red seat puffs that fits the concept

- Cocktail service and unlimited soft drinks

- A waiter special for you throughout the night

- Sound system special to you, music selection and the opportunity to listen to the music you want -Heart-shaped nested boxes and realization of the marriage proposal -Blowing up of 6 volcano at the moment of the proposal

-1 bouquet of roses

-Amateur photography shoot

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