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Yacht Tour and Marriage Proposal with Color Laser / 1 Hour Eco Package with Dinner

Yacht Tour and Marriage Proposal with Color Laser  / 1 Hour Eco Package with Dinner

Imagine. You and the lucky person next to you are in a 20-meter yacht decorated with flying tulles and lanterns. A special table that is fully decorated to your liking with accessories and candles in your favorite color is waiting for you. On this special night prepared just for you, a special hostess serves you cocktails. Your favorite music in the background... Then, with a nice dinner and unlimited soft drinks, your yacht sails on in the splendor of the Bosphorus. Right under the Bosphorus Bridge, you hold your loved one's hand and show her the bridge. At that moment, your sentence is reflected on the bridge with a 30-Watt ultra-powerful laser light! Whether this powerful laser light writes "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" or a verse of a poem, or "I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE IN MY LIFE" at the intersection of Asia and European continents is up to you... The power of your word choice will be engraved in memories with the romance of the Bosphorus, and that special person next to you will never forget the moment she lived, perhaps throughout her life... The surprise is not over; Once you see the full writing, 3 volcanoes will explode for you; and you will present her a bouquet of roses, the most beautiful expression of love... Every moment of this immortal night will be recorded by our amateur photographer.

- 1 hour Bosphorus tour (with 20-meter spectacular yachts)
-  Your table is decorated with stylish accessories and candles in the color you want
- Special dinnerware set for you and VIP service with our exclusive Hostesses
- Dressing table and chair with special cover and organza tulles
- Ornamentation of the yacht with organza tulles, candles and lanterns
- 2-person dinner or cocktail service-Unlimited soft drinks
- Writing the sentences you want under the Bosphorus Bridge with an extremely powerful 30 Watt COLOR laser device
- Finally; Will you marry me? Explosion of 3 volcanoes with remote control
- 1 bouquet of roses after the proposal
- Amateur photo shooting from the moment you get on the yacht

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