Frequently Asked Questions

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After deciding on a surprise marriage proposal and paying the deposit, can I cancel the organization?

After you have decided on the surprise marriage proposal organization in the Land of Surprises, you can change the date of the organization 2-3 days before the date of the organization, you can suspend your organization or request a cancellation without any reason. If you have a deposit on this, you will be refunded to your account after 1 day of the cancellation. For last-minute cancellations, payments made to third parties related to the organization are exceptions. (For example, in the dinner at the Maiden's Tower and yacht tour laser light marriage proposal organization, the Maiden's Tower payment is made by us and unfortunately, it is sometimes not possible to refund this payment when a last-minute cancellation is done) For this reason, it is best to share it with your organization company without delay when there is a change in the organization.

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