Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Price of the Marriage Proposal on the Beach?

Marriage proposal organizations taking place on the beach are available on our website at prices starting from 3.500 TL. Beach organization with the cocktail service, which we call the economical winter beach, is priced at 2200 TL with professional photography and professional video shoot. Photo and video are optional, you can determine the price by adding and subtracting according to your budget. A private beach is reserved for the marriage proposal organizations on the beach. A facility guarded by security is chosen; of course, we do not want anyone to disturb you in this 3-hour organization with dinner. We do not want you to remember the marriage proposal, which is one of the most important moments in your life, badly. This beach area is beautifully decorated by a team of 6-7 people at any hour, a special decoration is made for you, a sound system is installed for your special music, a beach fire is lit in cold weather, a special menu of your choice is prepared, and it is ensured that everything is complete and flawless.

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