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Do You Have Different Yachts for Charter?

Marriage Proposal, Birthday, Anniversary and Other Special Days You have found the woman/man of your life and have decided to ask that magical question that has been asked for centuries. You don't want to waste that special moment where you propose and wait for her response and want to live it in a special atmosphere as much as possible. Then a wonderful yacht tour can be perfect for this unforgettable night. Immerse yourself in fascinating historical structures, nature and people in the middle of the sea, accompanied by the enchanting atmosphere of the Bosphorus. Hand in hand with the person you love, dominate all the dazzling lights of the city. Record every frame as it is in the depths of your memory so that in the future the photograph of this very special day manifests itself in your mind in the most vivid form. Imagine a romantic dinner with a full table accompanied by light music on the deck with your loved one, while the beauty of this view, which poems fail to describe, is in the background. You can read his happiness and amazement from his eyes. And when everything is at its most impressive point, it comes to a two-word, life-changing question! The expected response is received and you continue to enjoy the atmosphere a little more relaxed. The organization can progress from the beginning to the end as how you want it, how your beloved dreams of it. The yacht you chartered is decorated according to your taste. If you wish, you can even send your feelings to your future spouse through laser light over the bridge that connects the two sides! Every detail you dream of can turn into reality when you make a unique Bosphorus tour on a magnificent yacht. Now your prospective spouse can proudly tell about this wonderful day to friends, relatives. It is not only that! Your proposal day can turn into an exemplary story that  passes from generation to generation thanks to your children! Not only marriage proposals but birthdays can also be made memorable by yacht charter. By chartering a beautiful yacht, you can organize a perfect surprise celebration for yourself, your love, your wife, your friend, your mother or your father. Birthday on the yacht includes decorative ornaments in accordance with your demands, music, dining services, additional actions such as laser, fireworks display, surprises and of course a legendary yacht tour. You can also organize your own birthday by using the yacht charter service. You can celebrate your birthday in a warm, friendly and amusing atmosphere with your special guests. Likewise, you can organize a surprise birthday celebration for your loved ones on the yacht. If this person is your love or spouse, you can add a few romantic details to the celebration, such as candles, love songs that has a special place for you, balloons, flowers, etc. You can enjoy dancing on the yacht, having fun, chatting and of course seeing the person you love happy. I assure you, no one who enters his/her new age on a yacht in the Bosphorus will be saddened to grow old! Apart from that, the types of yacht organizations include anniversary on the yacht , business dinners, dinner parties organized for different purposes, or romantic dinners. There is no reason not to carry any celebration that can be done outside in a restaurant or hotel to the middle of the sea to the dazzling atmosphere of the Bosphorus. Whatever the content of celebration in your mind and in your dream, first make your choice among special yachts. Then put that dream into action with the help of a professional team with all the details. You'll see it's not difficult at all. Yacht organizations that used to be a distant and overly luxurious dream are now much easier in every aspect. Just know what you want, and take action in no time. Elegance, Glory, Unforgettable Atmosphere, Perfect Organization: The services to be given on these elegant yachts with different qualities must be as perfect as the yachts themselves. Every organization you make with a professional team succeeds in making you smile at the end of the night. Boats with high standards have all sorts of infrastructure and equipment to make your dreams come true. For special occasions such as marriage proposal, birthday, anniversary celebrations, you can cruise on a certain route or anchor at a special spot in the sea if you wish. It is completely up to you to choose an organization with or without dinner. When such details are concerned, you will not have to constrain yourself or adapt to specific patterns. It is possible to fully meet all of your demands with customized solutions rather than standard, non-flexible packages. A creative and helpful team with professional service understanding will make things easier for you than you anticipate. In this way you can fulfill all your dreams. Modern yachts with advanced technological equipment, and cool looks can be prepared in different formats according to a variety of special days. An appropriate program and decoration is set up according to what kind of organization you are planning and a step-by-step program is determined on the specifics you detailed. For example, a yacht to be used in marriage proposal, a yacht for a birthday or anniversary celebration or a yacht for a crowded business dinner are prepared in very different ways. At this point, of course again your preferences will be directing. Likewise, it is up to you to decide the number of guests who will participate in the celebration. Either have a fun time with a large group of friends or be the hero of an unforgettable private night with your loved one. You can make your choice among yachts with different capacities that offer you exclusive service. You will find yourself in a completely different atmosphere from the moment you set foot on the yacht which is prepared with suitable presentations in accordance with your wishes. It is in your hands to truly immortalize this charter yacht organization, which will be a lasting memory in your personal history. You can get professional photo and video shoot service from the first moment to the last moment of the celebration. So even after many years, you can recall the smallest detail of this magnificent day, and you can tell your children about it by making them live that day again.

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