Frequently Asked Questions

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In the surprise marriage proposal organization, should the proposal be made in the beginning, in the middle or in the end?

In our surprise marriage proposal packages, the marriage proposal can sometimes take place at the beginning, sometimes in the middle, sometimes in the end. It depends on the content of the organization and the wishes of the couple. For example, marriage proposals can be made at the entrance with 'Will You Marry Me?' writings or 'Will You Marry Me?' printed balloons in a surprising way in the marriage proposal organizations that take place in the form of reserving a venue, involving a romantic dinner. Marriage proposal is usually done after the main course of dinner in organizations with dinner. Other than that, there may be a dinner before the surprise, or a celebration dinner after the marriage proposal surprise has been made. It is very important to set the time of the proposal according to the organization to be done. It is best to adjust the marriage proposal according to the right time when the intensity of emotion is most intense and expectation, confusion reach their peak.

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