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Is it necessary to have professional shots in the marriage proposal organizations on a yacht with a color laser light?

The laser light-marriage proposal organizations that are held on a yacht are night organizations. The amateur photo shoot in Eco packages is standard and is free of charge in general. However, the fact that the camera shooting takes place at night on a moving yacht, capturing you on the front deck of the yacht at one side and, laser light projected on the bridge 100 meters above the sea on the other side in the same frame necessitates that the shooting be done by a more professional photographer and with more advanced photography equipment. We recommend that at least one of the photographs or video footage of the marriage proposal moments, which is experienced, after all, once and every frame of which is extremely important to the couple, be professional. Professional photo shoot from 300 TL and professional camera shoot from 400 TL are offered as an extra in marriage proposal packages. As the Land of Surprises, we make amateur photo shoot or video shoot for every organization for free. Whichever machine is used for the photo or video shoot, we call it amateur. What we call professional photography is a whole different level. The special photographer and the special cameraman make the shooting of the organization.

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