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Is It Possible to Have Laser Light Marriage Proposal Organizations on Yacht in a Cold and Rainy Weather?

Yes it is possible. In cold weather, the yacht's transparent canvas is closed and insulated from wind and cold, and thanks to the heating system called webosta, you can find a restaurant temperature inside. At the moment of marriage proposal with laser at the front deck of the yacht, you can be exposed to cold weather and rain for 5-10 minutes. If it rains or cold, we hold umbrella or provide shawl etc. against the cold, and ensure that the marriage proposal organization is realized without any problems on the day agreed. The biggest problem in yacht organizations is the storm. It is advisable not to do yacht organizations in stormy weather that increases the ripple in the sea, adversely affecting a safe course. It is necessary and mandatory for the organization company to notify you at least 3 days prior to such a situation.

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