Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any extra payments to be made after the marriage proposal organization?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in recent years :) For such a question to be asked, who knows what has been done and continues to be done; the biggest damage to the sector by organizations that have not attained a corporate status. First of all, when you decide to have a marriage proposal organization in the Land of Surprises, your contract is prepared and all items and services included in the organization package are written in this agreement and It is pledged that these services will be carried out by a professional team in the most perfect and timely manner. After the marriage proposal organization, we only get thanks. You may experience extra pleasant surprises in the marriage proposal organization, which is our nice gesture to you and is absolutely free of charge. Do not make a deposit payment before thoroughly investigating the company that will organize your marriage proposal and making a contract against such situations that have increased recently.

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