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Marriage Proposal on Yacht with Color Laser / 1 hour VIP Package wi̇th Dinner

Marriage Proposal on Yacht with Color Laser / 1 hour VIP Package wi̇th Dinner

1 hour Bosphorus tour, dinner, cocktail, drinks, balloons, roses, exploding volcano, laser light writing are all great ... We also haven't forgotten those who want all the details of this special night to be recorded not only by a professional photographer but also a professional cameraman and given to them as a specially edited video clip. Our VIP package has been prepared with your requests and presented to your liking. It's like we hear you say "Everything is great, the scripts are excellent; What about the prices? We're at the other end of the line for a price quote, please call us...

- 1 hour Bosphorus tour (with 20-meter spectacular yachts)
-  Your table is decorated with stylish accessories and candles in the color you want
- Special dinnerware set for you and VIP service with our exclusive Hostesses
- Dressing table and chair with special cover and organza tulles
- Ornamentation of the yacht with organza tulles, candles and lanterns
- 2-person dinner or cocktail service-Unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
- Flying balloons coming out of the surprise box and surprise within surprise with heart-shaped boxes
- Writing the sentences you want under the Bosphorus Bridge with an extremely powerful 30 Watt COLOR laser device
- Explosion of 3 volcanoes with remote control when 'Will you marry me?' is written with the laser light? ; at the moment of the proposal
- 1 bouquet of roses after the surprise
- At least 150 shots taken by the professional photographer from the moment you get on the yacht  
- Video recording of every moment from the moment you get on the yacht, by a professional cameraman and delivery as a special montage clip

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