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What are the places to propose in the Bosphorus?

If you're thinking about proposing in the Bosphorus, there are really so many, so beautiful places that believe me, will not fit in here if I write down all of them. İstanbul is a very beautiful, very rich city. We've already started accepting tourists for marriage proposal. We can say it's the capital of romance. Let's take a look at what can be done in the Bosphorus. First of all, you can reserve the bar section of the Maiden's tower, where the terrace is, decorate it with rose petals, candles and very elegant romantic objects, and propose to her at a private dinner there alone. When you go out on the terrace, you can enjoy the colorful explosions of fireworks created for you. After a wonderful dinner at Çırağan palace, which has the most assertive cuisine of the Bosphorus, you can have a beautiful Bosphorus tour with your yacht, write your love under the bridge with legendary laser light ,and perform an unforgettable marriage proposal. You can meet the cuisine of Del-Mare, selected as the best fish restaurant in the Bosphorus in 2013, where we reserve a special room for you and decorate it in an extremely romantic way. And, of course, with the endless surprises of the Land of Surprises, you can finally find an opportunity and propose to her. We can decorate the most ambitious hotels of the Bosphorus for you magnificently and you can whisper those magic words into her ear, at a romantic dinner on your balcony, accompanied by the intoxicating view and romance. You can call us to find out what hotels we have chosen for you. Or a private dinner on the beach, an extremely romantic atmosphere decorated, with barefoot on the sand... You can watch the candlelight dancing for you under the stars, accompanied by the sound of the waves. Or, you can have a private dinner accompanied by a special romantic decoration, on the 26th floor of the Steinberger hotel, and then you can ask for the surprises you wish to be realized at the time and place you determine. What about a surprising marriage proposal and a celebration dinner afterwards accompanied by the writings 'Will you marry me?' when you enter the venue? You can find all the places you are looking for a marriage proposal in the Bosphorus on our website. We will continue to offer you the most beautiful, unique venues for your marriage proposal organizations. Stay tuned!

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