4 Practical Ways of Preparing a Marriage Proposal Speech

4 Practical Ways of Preparing a Marriage Proposal Speech
  • 6 Şubat 2018

Perhaps the hardest part of proposing a marriage is the stage of determining what to say at that moment. If you are a good talker and you can communicate properly without ever being excited, you may not need to prepare this important speech beforehand. But if the situation is just the opposite, that is, even if you the idea of proposing marriage makes you nervous, it is useful to prepare and memorize this speech beforehand, and even prepare small copies of it. Don't worry if you don't know how to prepare a speech; Here are 4 practical ways to prepare for the most effective marriage proposal speech: “The story of you two” speech; If you tell your feelings to her as they come from within, instead of ordinary cliches, you will surely get a much more effective result. To add a special meaning to your speech, you can talk about the most special moments you've experienced with her and your sweet memories in an emotional tone. For example, you can talk about the linden tea you drank from her hand when you got a cold, how you were caught in the rain on your first date, the moment you held her hand for the first time and your similar stories. When you tell her what you lived together, highlight how you felt at that moment. Let your beloved take a sweet journey in time while you are telling her. Let the stories you tell, of course, end with that important question: “Will you marry me?” "What I love about You" speech: If you didn't like many of her attributes, you wouldn't have come to the marriage proposal stage! You can ask the big question when you get to the bottom of the list by sorting all of your favorite attributes in her. Now take out a pen and a piece of paper start writing one under the other: For example, list the qualities that fascinate you, for example, how you like the stuffing she makes, how you admire the color of her eyes, and other attributes you like. And finally, say, “I want to marry you for all the reasons I've counted" Will you marry me?” Short but impressive proposal speech: If you don't like long talks, you can prepare a short and concise speech for your marriage proposal. Let's formulate what you need to do: "(Name of your beloved + Surname), Marry me if you want to make me the happiest person in the world..." Note: When you say your partner's name and surname together, this short speech will be much more impressive and romantic. Written or video marriage proposal alternative: No matter how short a marriage proposal is, some people will never get to say it. No panic!. If you think you can't talk from excitement; You can write a beautiful letter about your feelings and finally say, "Will you marry me?" Or you can read what we wrote here on camera and make her watch it as well.… You just decide to propose to her; We will be always  assisting you with our suggestions and organizations... Good luck…

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