When should the marriage proposal be made?

When should the marriage proposal be made?

What is the Best Time for a Marriage Proposal?  

There is no fixed answer to the question "What is the best time for a marriage proposal?" Because, you know this is the world of emotions, you can't know what can happen. Some people would consider proposing to someone tomorrow that they met yesterday while some others can not take the first step in marriage, even though it has been ten years since. Well, then, what's the truth about this? In fact, it can be said that the most appropriate time for marriage is when both couples feel ready. If you are persistently asking, "Well, if I'm wrong or if I'm late for a marriage proposal, or if I act early and ruin everything," then you can follow the signals in your relationship and do the right timing. So what are these signals?

1 - If you have started to make material plans for the future.

When you are sitting in a tea garden or watching the sea, if the topic suddenly comes to, for example, what kind of house you want to live in, then you've received the biggest signal that your relationship is evolving towards marriage. If you do not hide your financial situation from each other, if you have started making future savings, you can start to get excited about the marriage proposal.

2- If "I", "You" have been replaced by the word "we".

It is a very important stage to be “we” in your conversations from the first singular person to the first plural person. If you're a man reading this article and you prefer to spending time with her instead of watching an important game, and if you're responding to your friends man-to-man hanging out offers as "What are we doing tonight, I have to ask my girlfriend?", you can start thinking about how to propose  marriage right now.

3 - If you have started spending time with each other's friends, even family members,

if you have gone through such stages as meeting her friends, spending time with her friends, or even meeting her family, then you are very close to that great day.

4-If you feel that she will say yes,

that's the most crucial point! If you feel that you will receive a “Yes” response to your marriage proposal, you can now take steps on this matter. If you don't have a lot of ups and downs in your relationship, you might think it's time for a marriage proposal. If you make a hasty decision to save your relationship while you're at odds with her, the answer you receive may not be positive. The proposal that you will make when you feel mutually spending a lifetime together will open the gates of life you will spend together.

So when should I propose?

it means the time you are curious about has come if you have come to this point, in other words, if you have started thinking, "When should I propose?", moreover, if you feel the same sparkle in her eyes too, that is to say you're sure you really love each other, and if the idea of getting old together excites you. You can even start planning the most exciting proposal of your life right now. Take a deep breath, let's start the plan then...

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