4W + 1H of marriage proposal

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4W + 1H of marriage proposal
  • 6 Şubat 2018

What do you think about 4W + 1H? It's a life-saving formula. Will you cook?, apply 4W + 1H and create wonders. Do you have problems at work? 4W + 1H method solves your problems like a godsend! Don't say "What does this have to do with your position?" Because this magic formula comes to rescue of those who can't still make a decision about marriage proposal. How? Here is the answer: Who? There are dozens of ways to propose. To decide on one of these methods, you must first define what kind of person your beloved is, namely "Who?", with clear expressions. That's where the first W of our formula kicks in. Are you ready? So ask yourself now? What kind of girlfriend is she, who you want to unite your life with? I mean, who? 1- Does she like attracting all the attention in a crowded environment, or is she shy and introverted? 2 - Does she prefer you to be alone together while you kneel before her and asks her to marry you? Or does she want her family and her favorite friends to witness this immortal moment? 3- Does she prefer to be in a trendy venue? Or does, for example, romance on a remote natural beach side impresses her more? The answers to the above questions are important clues that will guide you through the preparation for your surprise marriage proposal. But it's not over; let's come to the continuation of the formula 4W: 1-What? With what do you want to propose to her? You may be thinking, “What a silly question, of course, with the ring.” The ring is undoubtedly an essential part of the marriage proposal ritual. But to show how sensitive you are about this and how much you care about her, you may also need to plan extra details outside the ring. For example, what do you want to offer him except for the ring on this special day? The answer to the question "What?" may also be "A bouquet of roses", "flying balloons", or whatever else you want to think, and write below one under the other 2 - Where? We will look for the answer to the question "Where" in the second stage of the formula beginning with the letter "W". It could be a private dinner in a chic restaurant. If your boyfriend is a social person, you can choose more general places, such as a park, the front of the high school you went together, or a movie theater instead of dinner because you will also include your friends in the surprise marriage proposal organization. 3 - WHEN? We advise you not to delay the answer of this question. For example, it may be next weekend, or you can target a nearby Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve. The longer you delay the proposal, the lower your excitement is. Don't you think it would be great to propose shortly after you have decided?  No need to wait? 4- How? Now we've come to the last question of our formula. “How” are you going to propose to her? With the answers you gave to the above questions, you already have an approximate plan in your mind. Remember, the surprise marriage proposal you will prepare should be prepared, taking into consideration her wishes and desires. Well, what kind of a program are you going to prepare? No need to panic, you just set your wishes; as the Land of Surprises, we organize the rest in the best way for you...

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