5 Extraordinary and Romantic Details that will Add Excitement to Marriage Proposals

5 Extraordinary and Romantic Details that will Add Excitement to Marriage Proposals
  • 14 Aralık 2017

5 extraordinary and romantic details that will add excitement to the marriage proposal: Do you want to make this moment even more memorable by adding extraordinary details to the surprise organization you have prepared for your marriage proposal? Of course we would like to help the endangered romantics like you. It is possible to make your surprise marriage proposal scenario unique by selecting one of the following 5 romantic details. Remember, romance does not recognize boundaries! 1- Trip in memories: As in the nostalgic song, "This is where we looked at each others eye, This is where we are holding each others hand...", you can take her to a genuine journey in your common memories, holding her hands. But beware; this suggestion is for those who trust their memory! Any clanger to be dropped can overshadow the surprise of the marriage proposal! 2-Write your proposal on the sand of the beach! Prepare a marriage proposal organization on the beach. Write or have someone write for you that you want to marry her on the sand in advance. But beware, again; Not on a day when the sea is wavy! 3- Hide the ring in her favorite poem book of her favorite poet! If she's a bookworm, you're a tactful romantic! Hide the ring on the page of the most beautiful poem in her favorite poet's book. Than have that book wrapped as a gift. By arranging a dinner, give her the book as a gift. But beware, again! Put another sign on the page where you put the ring! If she closes the page excitedly when she sees the ring, the poem you chose with care disappears! 4 - Have your marriage proposal line printed in a puzzle! If your beloved is interested in jigsaw puzzles, have a special puzzle built. When the big day comes, start solving puzzle together. When the  jigsaw puzzle is completed let "Will you marry me?" emerge within the puzzle. And then the roses, the confetti, the romantic music and the ring ... 5- Have The Marriage Proposal Tattooed! Here's an another extraordinary detail! Make a temporary tattoo of "Will You marry me?" writing. Take her to a fancy dinner. When she is not suspicious of anything, for instance, let water spill on your arm. Ask her to fold your shirt's sleeves. Let her see the tattoo at the time and be surprised... But beware again; this suggestion can sweat you in the heat! Bonus; if you choose one of our romantic marriage proposal packages, your task will be easier... We wish you happiness in advance.

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