5 Reasons that Make You Decide to Get Married As Soon As Possible!

5 Reasons that Make You Decide to Get Married As Soon As Possible!
  • 24 Ocak 2018

Reasons that Make You Decide to Get Married As Soon As Possible! There may be many reasons for you to stay single until today. Maybe you've taken refuge behind the cliche  “Being single means being a Sultan!“; or maybe you said, "I'll be a manager first, then I'll think about marriage!"and the career leap you've been expecting has never happened! Maybe you were afraid of taking responsibility... Put all these excuses aside. Do not delay the marriage proposal especially if you have a special person in your life and you love her. Because you will immensely benefit from marriage. What are they? Here are some titles: 1- Married people live longer! Yes, you did not read it wrong. Many scientific researches show that married couples live longer than singles. Because those who have a wife and family that they love very much take better care of themselves and stay away from risks. These naturally prolong their lifespan. 2- Your family income increases in marriage! Don't believe what your bachelor friends around you saying “marriage means expenses!”. Because if your partner also works, the income entering your home will grow, and your prosperity level will increase automatically. You will not believe how much savings you will make, even if you cook and eat yourself at home with your partner, instead of having a snack outside at work. In short, “marriage " means savings!” 3- When you get married, you have a lifelong companion. When you get married, you get rid of loneliness. Your other friends may not be with you on good days or on bad days, but your life partner is always with you! Just for this reason, you can go and ask her to marry. 4 - Married people are less depressed! Of course, sometimes it might be good to be alone. However, it is also important to remember that those who have a healthy relationship are less depressed. Because a happy marriage means a happy home. Stepping into a happy home means that stress stays out and hence the depression. 5 - You get rid of harmful habits when you get married. A happy marriage can save you from useless habits. For example, if you smoke, when your partner says, “your hair smells like cigarettes!” you may want to quit smoking to not upset her. Or, if you have a habit of eating unhealthy food out at restaurants as a bachelor, you can get rid of this habit thanks to the wonders your spouse has created in the kitchen. Could there be a better achievement than the fact that a man who goes to the game every weekend when he's single, to begin to go to the cinema, theater, ballet to spend time with his wife at least once a month after marriage. What Are you waiting for to experience all this and more? You can take the first step immediately by proposing to her in a surprising way. Do not  be alarmed immediately, saying, "Well, how does that work?" You make up your mind, leave the rest to us.

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