How To Accept Surprise Marriage Proposals

How To Accept Surprise Marriage Proposals
  • 24 Temmuz 2017

How To Accept Surprise Marriage Proposals? In our previous article, we talked about "What should not be done when accepting marriage proposals?" and we gave clues to not make mistakes that would overshadow that beautiful moment. In this article, we have some suggestions on how should the person who accepts the proposal behave when saying "Yes" in order for the surprise marriage proposal to turn into a wonderful memory: Do : "Plan what you will say when accepting the proposal. Your prospective partner will probably prepare beforehand what he will tell you when he proposes to marry. İt is also possible that he may forget these words due to excitement and just proposes. You can only see this when you live it. But if you feel that you will soon be faced with a marriage proposal, you can prepare a short romantic conversation with “Yes” in advance. Don't worry if you forget what you're gonna say because of excitement. It is enough to say just “yes”, smiling, or screaming like you feel it in your heart. Do : if you feel that you are going to get a marriage proposal, don't neglect your manicure! Men can not understand how important this suggestion is! Because only women know how bad a half-polished nail disaster would be in the photographs taken during the wedding ring ceremony! To show your ring to your friends and relatives after the proposal, you must continue to manicure for at least a month! Do: Be realistic and clear, free your feelings! Those who make jokes while responding to marriage proposals, and those who joke, rather than clearly saying "yes", can cause the other party to misunderstand and get hurt. Therefore, be careful to use clear statements without hesitation when responding. It's up to you to give a pre-planned response, or you can totally choose to release yourself to the flow of that moment. Feel free to show him how excited you are when you get the proposal. If you want to say, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes,” scream it out like how you feel it. Repeat your response so that the other party is sure of what you say. Don't hide your emotions. If you want to cry, cry; if you want a hug, hug him tight. Enjoy sharing your emotions with the person you will spend a lifetime with!  Do : Don't worry if the ring is tight or loose! Maybe your prospective life partner didn't get your ring size not to spoil the surprise. Don't worry about it if the ring doesn't fit your finger. Don't upset your prospective life partner because of this minor glitch. Because it's not hard to change the ring, but there is no repetition of this exciting moment! Remember, the ring is just a symbol. You focus on the content of the event. Do : Enjoy that moment, dream together; Surprise marriage proposals are usually completed with a romantic dinner or with a special activity. After you said “Yes” to the proposal and you're eating together after wearing the ring, or watching the sea, talk about your future you will build together, rather than about things that will ruin the magic. Tell him about the impact of the surprise on you. You can talk about the dreams you have had together, the funny details you have experienced while preparing the surprise. Don!t spoil the magic of that moment with the matters that need to be discussed later, such as the wedding that needs planning and program. Recite poems and sing songs to each other Keep in mind; Marriage proposals are the most realistic fairy tales to be told to children after many years.

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