How to Find out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing When Proposing?

How to Find out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing When Proposing?
  • 14 Ekim 2017

How to find out her ring size without her knowing? You've come to the stage of proposing to her in a surprising way. You've made plans, the preparations are in full swing. You've been acting like a detective and you've even learned what kind of wedding ring she wants. There is one problem left behind that is big for you but small for mankind. What is your future wife's ring size? Challenging at the same time fun side of making surprise marriage proposal is, undoubtedly not to spoil the surprise! If she finds out you're curious about her ring size, you upset the applecart. However, you can overcome this problem by acting a little cunning, asking for help from the actor inside you, and following some tried tactics. Okay, but how? Here are some methods to get a ring size: 1 - Borrow one of her rings. Of course, the first method that comes to mind is to borrow her another ring that fits her finger for a while. Actually, it might be more accurate to say "take it secretly" instead of borrowing it. Forget about the surprise marriage proposal, if you say "will you give me your ring?" In this case, what is to be done is obvious; but it is not easy at all! You can sneak into her room and pick up her ring from the jewelry box. Or you should wait for her to take off her ring while she washes her hands in the sink. If she has a sister, and you're on good terms with her, it's best if you ask her and not to risk yourself! Be sure to pay attention to which hand and which finger she wears the ring that you borrowed for measuring. Because the right and left hand fingers can be of different thickness. After borrowing the ring, the most accurate method is to take sensitive measurement by taking it to a jewelry shop. If you don't have time for this, for example, if you have to put the ring at the sink right away, you can place it on a paper and draw around it with a pencil. This second method may not work well enough, but it's better than nothing. 2- Ask for help from her friends This method sounds easy. But there is a risk! Your friend you asked for help may be unable to hide your surprise marriage proposal plan. So we recommend that you choose a discreet friend who will act as if she is unaware when asking for help. If you can find a close friend or relative who has already gifted a ring, your task will be quite easy. Or you can ask your recently engaged friend to get your prospective wife to try her ring. They can choose a silver ring with your friend who will help for example... The solutions are endless when you think creatively! 3- To wangle words out of her; This method really requires skills. In other words you will bring the subject to rings, ring sizes and wangle the words out of her without her knowing you are preparing for a surprise marriage proposal.Be creative! For example, tell her that you want to buy a ring for your mother or sister, or you want to buy a wedding gift to your close friends and ask for her help. But you must be very careful and natural. The smallest error you will do can ruin the whole surprise!

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