How to Take the Most Beautiful Selfie with the Wedding Ring?

How to Take the Most Beautiful Selfie with the Wedding Ring?
  • 24 Ağustos 2017

 How to take the most beautiful selfie with the wedding ring? You've got a surprise marriage proposal. You want to share this beautiful event on social media by taking a picture of the ring shining brightly on your finger. Wait a minute! We have some suggestions for you to make this special photo both beautiful and lasting in your mind: 1- Get your fingers ready for the camera! Just as you brush your hair and do little touch ups to your makeup before you take a picture of your face, you need to prepare your fingers for the camera before you take a picture with the wedding ring. First, get a manicure, to highlight the sparkle of the ring, try to opt for a softer nail polish instead of an exaggerated nail polish. Use a cream that smooths out any irregularities of your hands' skin. 2 - Remove the other rings from your finger and your watch! Remove other rings from your fingers to avoid confusion in those who see the photo you share. Otherwise, there may be a risk of other rings overshadowing your wedding ring by attracting the attention! The same goes for watches. Because the watch is large, it can create a false focus. You don't want to get “nice new watch” comments on the photo you took to announce that you got a marriage proposal, do you? 3- Pay attention to the background! If the photo you are taking has a very complicated background or landscape, you can not emphasize the ring enough. For this reason, you should be careful to adjust the image clarity of the background you choose. Or you can choose a simple background. Using clues about where the marriage proposal is made in the background of the photo makes your photo more meaningful. For example, if you have received the marriage proposal on the boat, you can use the sea as background. In the photograph you take, you can also include various objects that remind you of the marriage proposal. For example, you can add extra meaning to the photo you will be shooting using objects such as a wedding magazine, flowers, jewel box, glasses. 4- Pay attention to the light of the photo; Take advantage of the natural light as much as possible to make your hand with the wedding ring look beautiful in the photo. There may be shadows that look bad in a dimly lit room or in the artificial lighting. Do not take this risk. If you are not outdoors, take care to take the picture by the window. 5- Keep trying until you catch the right angle! If you do not like the look of your hands on photos taken from the other side, continue to take plenty of pictures from different angles. By turning your hand to the left or right and putting it in different shapes, you can capture the most beautiful pose. 7-Let him be in the photo as well! When taking a photo of your wedding ring, you can include your future life partner in the photo using your creativity. For example, you can capture perfect frames in the background of your fingers, or while he is holding your hand. 8- Do not zoom; If you use the zoom settings of your phone, the image quality of the photo may be reduced. Instead, you can try to capture a quality image in close-up by holding the camera at half-arm distance. 9- Edit the photo before sharing; Do not share your wedding ring photo immediately like ordinary photos. Make sure to check the photo you have selected with various editing tools. After adjusting the contrast, saturation, sharpness, brightness, you can still capture the most beautiful image by using filters if you have something that doesn't feel right.

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