Marriage Proposal Different Ideas!

Marriage Proposal Different Ideas!
  • 24 Mayıs 2017

Suggestions to those who say: “I'll get nervous, I Can't Make A Marriage Proposal Live”! You think you're going to get so nervous when you get down on your knees and propose, and are you looking for a different alternative? Don't worry, we can find a solution. You can apply one of the suggestions we have compiled for you on this subject. Here are some creative solutions that can be an alternative to saying proposal lines live: Mixtape method; young people who can't confess their love to each other because they were ashamed in the '80s, recorded a mixtape love songs and gave it to their loved ones. You must have seen it in movies. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to implement this method. Because the year is 2017; there is no mixtape, nor cassette players! But you can still be inspired by this nostalgic romance! Make and record a mix of her favorite songs; add a “proposal” line from your voice to the end. We will start playing your record from behind while the plan works, for example, while you eat your dinner at the Maiden's Tower. When the songs are finished, your voice on the tape will propose instead of you, and you will get rid of the nervousness of the live broadcasting. That's a good idea, isn't it? Make your own song; If you say "I can not speak, but I sing wonderfully", here's your chance to sing your own song. Make a new composition if you have talent, or else, it doesn't matter. You can write a new song by changing the words of one of her favorite songs and placing your “proposal” in a suitable place. Again, while the plan is working, for example, while eating with her on the boat we prepared for you, you can make your marriage proposal by singing this song. Caricature drawing; If you find yourself amusing when you imagine the moment you're proposing on your knees, you can get a cartoonist draw this moment, and by writing "Will You marry me, Selma?" in the speech balloon you can connect the event to a sweet joke. (Selma is a name chosen randomly, no misunderstanding please. "X" would be cold in the narration) Again, while the plan we prepared is working, for example, when you're flying over the Bosphorus in a helicopter, and you are right over the bridge, you can slip this caricature to her. A classic but effective method; give a newspaper advertisement; Let's prepare our concept again in advance. For example, a special dinner... Pretend you met her at the cafe on an ordinary day. Order your tea. There are some newspapers and magazines on the table. But in these newspapers or magazines, there is the “marriage proposal” and that you have prepared in advance. When you see the ad, take out the ring when both of you feel very emotional, and then continue with your romantic dinner at the special table we prepared for you. That way, you get rid of saying the line you thought you cannot say live. Moreover, with a theme of a nostalgic romance ... As a result, don't worry about "What if you can't speak from excitement." We can put the most appropriate and romantic “marriage proposal” scenarios into action for you. As long as you take the first step. ...

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