Six Things To Do After The Marriage Proposal...

Six Things To Do After The Marriage Proposal...
  • 14 Ağustos 2017

Six Things To Do After The Marriage Proposal; Congratulations, you have organized a successful marriage proposal. You took the first step towards your happy union. So what happens now? 1 – It is time to share this beautiful news; it is normal for both of you to wander over the clouds for a while after a dream-like marriage proposal. Within the next few days after you are recharged, you can share this happy development with your family and loved ones. It is possible to take advantage of technology for this. For example, you can send an e-mail or message to your loved ones by editing the photo of your marriage proposal ring as an e-cart. By sharing it on your Facebook profile or other social media accounts, you can make this happy event heard in less time. But don't spoil the magic of the event by doing this share on the day you realize or accept the marriage proposal! 2-Celebrate this beautiful event! After the marriage proposal, enjoy this happy moment instead of immediately starting your engagement / wedding preparations. For example, you can organize a small-scale celebration dinner with close friends. Because when you start your marriage preparations, you may not have much opportunity to have fun... 3-People will ask, "How did you propose?" "How did he propose?" Instead of answering these curious questions in particular your girlfriends' questions, you can add a video capturing detail to your surprise marriage proposal organization. That way, you get rid of the curious questions by letting your close friends watch the video. 4 - Insure your ring! You can protect yourself from risks such as 'forgetting, losing' by insuring your marriage proposal ring with both material value and spiritual value. 4- Promise / Engagement; You can now start the formalities in accordance with your family traditions. Going through stages like the meeting of parents, asking for marriage from the family, the promise or the engagement, or directly to a wedding table depends on the wishes of you and your family, of course... 5 - Setting the date of marriage; Since the marriage proposal has been fulfilled and you are a couple now, you can start thinking about the date of marriage and decide on a date. Those who have already heard of the “marriage proposal”, after congratulating you probably will ask, “When is the wedding?" Although it is not a definite, you can satisfy their curiosity by determining an approximate date. 6- Let the research begin; To enjoy the road to marriage, you can start to visit wedding magazines, web pages and get ideas; you can prepare lists to gradually clarify your wedding or marriage details. But don't stress yourself by exaggerating this research. You can get professional support to make sure that your marriage process runs at least as smoothly as the marriage proposal process.

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