Suggestions for Those who will Propose before the End Of Summer

Suggestions for Those who will Propose before  the End Of Summer
  • 20 Ağustos 2017

Suggestions for those who will propose before the end of summer. There's no such thing as the best season to propose, of course. Because love doesn't have such a calendar! The romance of autumn, the joy of spring, the white snow landscapes of the winter period and sunny glints of summer months; without a doubt, these are great times for a marriage proposal! But if your soul is suitable for the summer, if you define yourself as a “summer couple”, you should prepare your surprise marriage proposal before the end of the summer. But you should not rule out the special conditions of the summer season that will jeopardize your surprise proposal. Here are some suggestions for summer proposals: 1 - Take advantage of the beauty of the open air! Summer means outdoor fun, summer means the sun, summer means the sea! Before the end of summer, you can make your marriage proposal in the midst of endless blue, for example, on the yacht, accompanied by exquisite breezes from the sea. Or you can choose to crown your special moment with the beauty of summer months by choosing one of the wedding packages on the beach. If you want to propose in a cinema or a theater or in a closed place elsewhere,  don't you think autumn or winter is more suitable for such an organization? 2- Begin to follow the weather news! It's a great idea to make the proposal outdoors by taking advantage of the blessings of summer months. But if you do it under 40 degrees of heat when you're soaked in sweat, after your partner says “yes”, they may need to pour cold water instead of confetti down your head! That's why you need to set the time for your surprise marriage proposal organization in the summer wisely. You better start following the weather forecast before you propose considering sudden rain and hail that have been seen recently! This way is the most guaranteed! 3- Do draw too much attention to someone's special day! Summer months is the time which is full of events such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, summer parties and concerts. If you don't have time to prepare a surprise marriage proposal, do not try to act with the idea that "There is already a festive environment here, so let's get this proposal out of the way" at someone else's wedding, on someone else's birthday or party, or on a summer concert. Because, this is your special day. If you propose to her at a place prepared for your cousin's birthday, not only you would be drawing too much attention in her event but also your partner who thinks that you are not paying enough attention to this can be offended! 4 - Avoid summer clichés, be original! Summer months are also the best time for the marriage proposal cliches. Imagine, who knows how many thousand people have hidden the wedding proposal ring in the sand? Who knows how many thousands of people have photographed the sunset through their heart-shaped hands? Be original a little, unleash your creativity. When you think of your special moments and memories, believe me, you will find the most romantic idea... And if you couldn't find it, don't worry. The Land of Surprises prepares a beautiful marriage proposal scenario that you will like anyway...

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