Unforgettable Marriage Proposal Scenes from Unforgettable Movies

Unforgettable Marriage Proposal Scenes from Unforgettable Movies
  • 14 Kasım 2017

Unforgettable Marriage Proposal Scenes from Unforgettable Movies; We watch surprise marriage proposal scenes in romantic movies with fascination. Some of us burst into tears in the face of these romantic scenes. In movies, our hero often suddenly expresses his feelings to his beloved, and his beloved is surprised what to do. In some films, we witness the romance's bar is raised, accompanied by the view and the music that will really make fairy tales jealous. In this article, we have compiled the wonderful marriage proposal scenes from three great movies that you will not get tired of watching. Here are the awesome scenes of inspiration: Love Story; In Love Story, one of the most iconic films of all time almost, everyone knows its soundtrack, although not its movie, we witness a passionate love. When our hero proposes marriage in tears, he just says: "Because ..." Could there be a better pretext that suits a surprise marriage proposal? When Harry Met Sally : A truly awesome and fascinating movie with its memorable line. There is especially a marriage scene in the movie which becomes a surprise with its timing. The countdown to New Year's Eve had begun. At that very moment, Harry makes a great inspiring speech, that definitely deserves to be copied, to Sally. He begins his speech by telling all the qualities that he likes in Sally. And he ends his words like this: “..When you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start right away. That's why I'm here now... " Stepmom: In this memorable movie, Luke passes a ring box to Isabel, her future children's mother. It's a box with a ball of thread  in it, instead of a ring. Luke wraps the end of the thread around Isabel's finger and starts to unwind the ball slowly. When it is completely unwound, the ring at the end slides off the thread and reaches Isabel's finger. As the thread is unwinding our hero utters some romantic words: “... One must remain connected to the person he has chosen for the rest of his life. When it all gets tough, even if he feels like he's almost giving up, he must hold to his decision! Even if that bond is just a thread, he should hold on to it... I will never let these threads to break. Will you marry me?...” So love is a choice, and marriage is a commitment to that choice. If you are ready, what are you waiting for? ...

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