What Other Gifts Should be Bought Apart From the Ring When Proposing Marriage?

What Other Gifts Should be Bought Apart From the Ring When Proposing Marriage?
  • 24 Kasım 2017

What other gifts should be bought apart from the ring when proposing marriage ? Maybe you dream of this moment from the moment you first saw her! With a perfect organization, you will propose to her when she never expects; you will pour rose petals down her head, and you will immortalize this moment in sparkles and glitters. You have chosen the most beautiful ring. You have prepared a surprise marriage proposal scenario in the most private place, for example in the Bosphorus. But it feels like something's still missing. It's like you think that only a solitaire ring isn't enough. If your mood is exactly like this and you can't decide what to get, don't worry. We have some suggestions for the extra gifts that will make her happy while proposing marriage: Romantic love letter from the mysterious bottle that hit the shore; If you're proposing on the beach, you can surprise her with a mysterious love letter from a retro bottle. While you were listening to the sound of waves by the sea, if you stumble on a mysterious bottle that is like it came from unknown lands; if she opened the bottle and there is a letter written in your handwriting... Could there be a more romantic marriage proposal gift than this? Romance complemented with a perfect jewel. Of course, you bought a beautiful ring to her according to the traditions. But if you say, "It can not be just a ring, there must be more!"; a necklace adorned with romantic stones that will make her feel you as she carries it around her neck, a special brooch to carry over her heart, or you can continue to surprise her at this special moment with an elegant bracelet. Small gifts that evoke marriage: You can ship her gifts that evoke marriage before the day of surprise marriage proposal comes, every time she opens a gift box, you can put a smile on her face. For example, on the first day you can present a pillow telling about “growing old with her on the same pillow” as the old saying; on the second day, you can send a two-person television blanket that evokes your warm house, on the third day you can send a cup set for two to send the message that your life is now for two. On the day of your surprise marriage proposal, you can send a note through a courier indicating how much you love her, thus making her very curious. Because, as you know, the most welcomed gifts are the spiritual ones...

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