Your Heart's Sultan is Worthy of Marriage Proposal in Çırağan Palace!

Your Heart's Sultan is Worthy of Marriage Proposal in Çırağan Palace!
  • 24 Şubat 2017

You are not a prince born in Topkapı Palace, are you? If you are, you have probably arrived here through a time machine by mistake! This has nothing to do with our subject, so let's get you back to your capsule!  What about any inheritance you got from your Paşa grandfather in the Bosphorus? There is not even that either! Do not worry; none of this is a hindrance to proposing marriage to your Heart's Sultan at the Çırağan Palace!

If you call him "The Sultan of Your Heart", of course,  you deserve the gaudiness of palaces, when you are taking the first step towards your happy home. Would not it be wonderful if the Çırağan Palace, which has been standing for almost a hundred and fifty years and has been home to many dynasties witnessed your love too? Would not your love feel herself like a princess among golden gildings, pearlescent coatings, marble pillars, velvets, shimmering, sparkle? Imagine this magnificence is accompanied by the spectacular view of the Bosphorus from the window. Would not even Hürrem Sultan, Kösem Sultan envy this romantic marriage proposal to your love?...

Çırağan Palace has a history dating back to Tulip era with its hundreds of rooms of gold, ruby-adorned furniture, crystal and glitter. At the time, there were games held with torches in this palace. The name "Çırağan" which means "light" in French comes from here.

Are not you worthy of a night which is worthy of fairy tales in the Çırağan Palace which will also add a special meaning to this journey with its name as set off on a journey through the brightened marriage path with your love Don't you think Çırağan Palace is a good option to make a surprise marriage proposal worthy of sultans of palace  to your Sultan, who has the throne in your heart? No boundaries in dreams! You can also make additions to this special night that the old sultans could not even dream of. You can add to your surprise, for example, a helicopter tour that Hürrem Sultan never experienced, for example, a yacht trip that Safiye Sultan never dreamed of, projecting your special messages on the Bosphorus Bridge, that would amaze Mihrimah Sultan if she saw it, and many more special details.

We are always here to prepare a marriage proposal organization for you and the sultan of your heart, as in fairy tales...


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